Empowering Businesses with Personalized Communication & Enhanced Security

Discover Trigger Message, a comprehensive communication platform that uses advanced Number Plate Recognition (NPR) technology. Connect with customers like never before through tailored messaging, while enhancing security with instant alerts on reported stolen vehicles.

Learning about Triggered Messaging

What is a Triggered Message?

Leverage the power of personalized communication with Trigger Message’s automated messaging system. Our platform tailors messages based on individual customer profiles and key events throughout their journey. This means you can effortlessly scale your business’s personalization efforts, optimizing customer experiences and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Our system takes customer engagement and retention to new heights. By automating messages to align with precise contexts and timely moments, we ensure enhanced customer interaction. But that’s not all – backed by a robust data infrastructure, Trigger Message doesn’t just deliver informative content. It molds the content to fit each user’s unique preferences, crafting a customer experience that’s truly personalized.

4-step flow of Trigger Message's system

Number Plate Detection

As soon as a customer arrives at an establishment, our advanced Number Plate Recognition technology scans and identifies the vehicle's number plate, initiating the customer engagement process.

Database Linking

The recognized number plate is then linked to our comprehensive database, correlating it with the customer's communication preferences and previous interaction history.

Trigger Message Creation

Based on customer behavior, preferences, and specific events, personalized and contextually relevant messages are automatically generated.

Message Delivery

The tailored messages are sent directly to the customer via WhatsApp. Whether it's video, image, voice, or text - we ensure the message format suits their preference, maximizing engagement and enriching the customer experience.

Our Outputs

All outputs can include text, image, video, and voice.


Our Channels

Push Notifications

Direct Mail

Use cases by industry

Real Estate


Petrol Station

Car Wash


Why Choose Us

Boost Customer Engagement with Triggered Messaging

Maximize Safety and Communication

Innovative and Progressive

Leverage cutting-edge technology to not only streamline communication but also bolster security. With Trigger Message, you're always one step ahead.

Security at the Forefront

Our top-tier encryption standards coupled with POPI Act compliance ensure your safety and peace of mind are paramount.

Communicate and Secure

Beyond crime prevention, Trigger Message enhances customer interaction with personalized, automated messages, fostering growth and increasing conversion rates.

Advance with Proactive Defense

Elevate your safety measures and proactively safeguard your business with Trigger Message, your ultimate partner in combating crime.